The Foraged Home

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The Foraged Home 1st Edition

Joanna Maclennan - Photographer

Oliver Maclennan - Author

A celebration of both sustainability and design, this book presents beautiful interiors filled with salvaged, recycled, and repurposed objects from around the world.

Artful home interiors are born from curiosity, creativity, and imagination, yet many of us fail to see a potential curtain rod in a bamboo stick or a kitchen counter in an old carpenter’s bench.

Anyone can create a beautiful home without expensive store-bought pieces simply by foraging and salvaging. Discarded objects can be restored, recycled, or repurposed to fill any space with style. Presenting the techniques and philosophies―such as beachcombing, forest hunting, and urban salvaging―of savvy foragers from across the globe, this book showcases how they created comfortable and stylish homes by breathing new life into what most would consider waste.

In an era when sustainability, living off the grid, and reducing our eco-footprint have never been more important or appealing, The Foraged Home will provide guidance and inspiration to those looking to go beyond the world of mass-produced products.

300 colour illustrations

Esprit récup' – Idées de Déco Insolites

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Esprit récup' – Idées de Déco Insolites

Joanna Maclennan - Photos

Oliver Maclennan - TEXTE

La récupération et le recyclage constituent un véritable mode de vie pour les amoureux de la nature soucieux de l’environnement autant que pour les amateurs d’économies. Décorant leur intérieur de manière aussi originale que spectaculaire à l’aide de leurs trouvailles, glanées sur les plages ou encore dans les forêts, ils révèlent toute la beauté des motifs naturels : Esprit récup’ – Idées de déco insolites regorge d’idées permettant de transformer sa demeure de manière à la fois inventive et surprenante.


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